Little did we know that Earth Day April 2007 was a day that would change our lives forever.  We watched specials done by Diane Sawyer and Oprah Winfrey on the negative impact plastic bags have on our environment.  As mothers, the staggering statistics on plastic bag usage and recycling (or lack of) were particularly disturbing when we thought about what our environment would be like for our children and grandchildren some day.

       Encouraged and motivated to live greener lives, we began our search for a fashionable, durable and functional reusable shopping bag.  Soon we realized there was a void in the market for a bag that possessed these three characteristics.  This is why we started Haute Market Bags ™. 
       We know these months have been very hectic for our families, and we want them to know how much we appreciate their patience and creativity to keep themselves busy while giving us time to work on the bags.  They posed for photos in the hot Texas heat, played countless games of Twister, spent hours in the turtle tent and when they were REALLY bored…underwear on their head sillies! (Yes, we kept the photos…)

       Likewise without the love, patience and understanding of our husbands the dreams for our children and their children would never become a reality.  We are blessed to have such strong and supportive men in our lives!

       We love our families more than anything and hope that our effort to inspire others to change the way they view their surroundings will make it all worthwhile!

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